Texas Instructor Taught Course

Behind the Wheel Training Provided by Driving School

(A course for Texas teens ages 14 to 17)

  • Texas Department of Licensing Approved Course
  • Take the course from iPhone or Android Devices
  • Allows to Complete the course at Your Own Schedule
  • Easy to Pass Exams, with Multiple Retakes Each Time
  • Get All the Forms & Guides You Need In One Place

Professionally Approved Course by Texas TDLR

This online course holds strong recognition as it has been approved all of state by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). This approval indicates that it fulfills all essential requirements that you need for taking the permit exam. This course requires you to learn driving taught by any driving school. It is for this reason that your Instructor and you can do your best in this course. Obviously, you would know about your schedule more than an Instructor would. Therefore, we allow you to learn it yourself. All you have to do is work on this course according to your schedule.

Uniquely Designed While Keeping You More Attentive

Taking our online driving education course should be essential to improve your driving skills. Therefore, we believe that it is our core responsibility to help you enjoy this online course. When it comes to staying alert and attentive while getting our training, we help you do the same by creating the content of the course in a unique manner that suit every type of student. To do so, we have combined text, animation, and graphics. After all, we will succeed in teaching you when you find the content appealing enough.

Study the Course Anytime and Anywhere

Our Instructor Taught Course is entirely online. Therefore, we offer you maximum comfort and convenience while you learn. Now, there is no need to be bound to your home because you have to study the course. Since it is online, you can have access to it anytime and anywhere. You can stop taking training classes anytime and continue you learning process again whenever you want. Its online presence has enabled us to offer you a driver's course without any kind of barrier. We also provide our students unlimited practice test questions so that they can familiarize before taking the real thing.

Take our course from a Computer, Laptop, iPhone, iPad or an Android device. Download our FREE online course app from the iOS and Android app store. FREE Audio read along feature built-in (Listening is easier than reading text)

Using the Block Method to Complete Your Texas Drivers Education Training

Signing up for the Texas TDLR Driver Education Course Online

Now, things can’t get simpler than this for you only have to register online for the Texas driver’s education course for teens and begin the training straight away.

Finish the Online Drivers Education

Once you have completed the online course successfully, you will be issued DE-964 which is a Texas Driver Education Certificate. This will be emailed either to you or your legal guardian. It can also be transferred to the driving school you’re transferring to.

Permit Exam at the Department of Public Safety

To attain your learner’s license, visit the local Department of Public Safety office. You will have to take a permit exam and get a vision test done.

Please note that you have to be at least 15 years of age before you can finally apply for a learner’s driving license.

To get the driver’s permit you will have to come to the office with the following documents:

According to the state law of Texas, you will be provided with three opportunities within a span of 90 days to pass your permit exam successfully and the vision test.

  • DE-964, that is, your certificate of Texas Driver Education
  • Authentic birth certificate that has been issued by the state
  • DL-14A which is the application form for Texas driver’s license
    1. This must be signed by your parent
  • For DL-5 which is the proof of your Texas residency
  • An original social security card
  • VOE form (Verification of Enrolment) or your diploma/GED
  • A couple of utility bills that are in your parent’s name
    1. The address on the bills must be similar to the address mentioned on your application form (DL 14A)
    2. An application fees of $16

Begin the “Behind the Wheel” Training

To achieve a full driver’s license for the state of Texas, you will have to complete a behind the wheel training from a licensed driving school situated in your vicinity.

You must bear in mind that you will have to log the following details:

  • A 30 hours long record of practical behind the wheel training in supervision. Out of these, 10 hours must be completed during night time in the presence of a licensed instructor who is at least 21 years old or older
  • An in car observation of 7 hours
  • A 7 hour long behind the wheel instruction

Finish the Impact Texas Teen Driving Course (ITTD)

From 1st September, 2015, all the Texans aged between 16 and 24 years of age who are looking forward to attain a Texas license for driving also have to finish a new course from the department of Public safety, Texas before giving a road exam. This program is called “Impact Texas Teen Drivers Program”. It is an online video streaming course that is free of charge. The span of this course is two hours and it is broken down in chunks of 8 modules which you are allowed to review at your own pace. You are allowed to take as much time as you want and watch the videos at leisure or complete it in one attempt.

Successfully Clear the Exam at the Department of Public Safety and Attain Your Texas Driver License

Before you can finally apply for your Texas driver license and appear for the exam, you must have held your learner’s permit for at least six months and must be 16 years of age at minimum. Whenever you think you are completely ready to take the exam, you will have to come with the following documents to the local Department of Public Safety:

  • The learner’s permit
  • The certificate of course completion
  • After you have completed the course, you will receive your completion certificate. The licensed instructor has to sign this certificate.
  • The ITTD completion certificate
  • Evidence of identity which includes: The Texas Residency proof, proof of lawful residency status in US or US citizenship proof, social security number
  • VOE form (Verification of Enrolment) or GED/diploma
  • The vehicle’s proof of insurance and registration
  • A provisional license fees of $16

Furthermore, you will also have to complete an application form for attaining the driver’s license and successfully clear a driving skills exam. Once you have passed the exam, you will obtain your provisional driver’s license under the State of Texas.