How Texas Driver Ed Works

Behind the Wheel Training Provided by Parent

(A course for Texas teens ages 14 to 17)

  • Texas Department of Licensing Approved Course
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Texas Drivers Education Course

The Texas driver’s education course turned into a law in the year 1997. It appeared as the alternative to the Drivers Education in terms of school setting in a conventional way. The aim of this program is to provide online education to teens so that they can drive safely on roads. It is an online course that helps parents provides in-car training to their children. This way, the learning process has been made convenient for teens as well as their parents. If parents want to take part in PTDE, they are supposed to submit an application of request to the Department of Public Safety

Check Your Level of Qualification

For teaching this online driving course to teens, you have to ensure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria. For instance, in order to proceed further with your online driving teaching passion, you must either be the parent of the student, step-parent, foster parent, grandparent, legal guardian, or step grandparent. Along with that, you should have a driving license that is legally approved since three years. You should not have any kind of criminal conviction in your driving records.

Parents, Take Our Help in the Drivers’ Education Course

Teens register for the Drivers’ Education Course to learn how to drive safely on roads. Similarly, we are here to provide you the support you need throughout the registration process. You are required to sign up for registration by completing a form and submitting it to the DPS. Also, you will have to make a small payment for each teen that enrolls in the course. After the DPS receives your form and fees, you will get a packet of driver’s education within two or three weeks.

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Parent Taught Driver Education in Texas

The course on “Parent Taught Driver Education” or PTDE in Texas gives the legal guardian or parent the authority to be an instructor and teach their teenager driving. This driver education course comprises of online classroom training as well as practical classes behind the steering wheel.

Who Meets the Criteria of a Parent?

A teenager’s real parent, grandparent, step-parent or grandparent, legal guardian or foster parent (in this case simply having power of attorney is not satisfactory) can participate in PTDE. Other relatives are not allowed to become an instructor to the teen. The instructor must:Complete downloadable application and mail to the TDLR

  • Have a valid driver’s license which should be in the possession of the instructor for last 3 years. All those individuals who have be stationed outside of Texas for any reason in the duration of previous 3 years have to bring a certified abstract record of driving from the other states of prior residence when the student files an application for the driver license in Texas.
  • Not have her/his driver’s license held in suspension, forfeited or revoked for the past 3 years for any reason.
  • Have lesser than six points on the driving record.
  • Should neither have been convicted nor should have ever received probated sentence for driving under the influence of alcohol or involuntary manslaughter, i.e. causing the death of a victim unintentionally.
  • Not have a disability caused by a mental illness.

Who Is Referred to as a Teenager?

The parent Taught Driver education program allows parents of a teenager aged 14 – 17 years old to instruct them to drive. A 14-year old student can start the course and finish the foremost module; however, the said teenager must still need to be at least 15 years of age before he/she applies for a learner’s permit.

The Process of Parent Taught Driver Education

  • Firstly, register your legal guardian or parent to be the instructor for the PTDE program.
  • Then download a form DL-92 online.
  • Fill the form completely and then mail it with a check or a money order of $20 to “Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation at the following address:

    TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation)
    P.O. Box number 121157
    Austin, TX 78711-21567

Then await the packet for PTDE to reach you. This usually takes a maximum of two to three weeks. You will be notified that your legal guardian or parent has become your instructor.

Starting the Parent Taught Driver Education Course

After the completion of first six hours of the driver education course, you will obtain a 6- hour permit of qualification certificate (DE-946E) through email. Complete step 3 after which you can continue the course.

Visit the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Take the Exam for Permit

When you are applying for the driver’s permit, you will have to bring the following documents:

  • DE-964E, the 6-hour permit qualification certificate
  • Birth certificate or any other document for proof of identity
  • Social Security Card
  • The residency proof of Texas/ Domicile
  • Vehicle registration and insurance proof
  • The completed forms from the PTDE packet:
    1. VOE Form – Verification of Enrollment and Attendance form
    2. DL-91A – Parent Taught Driver Education
      record of classroom instruction
    3. DL-14 A – Application of TDL-Texas Driver License
    4. DL-90A – Parental Driver Education Affidavit
  • A permit fee of $16

Continue the PTDE Course and Start the “Behind-The-Wheel” Training

If you want your learner’s license to stay valid, you will have to continue with the Texas PTDE course. Ascertain that keep on filling the logs that are provided in the PTDE packet that you received when you are undergoing the behind-the-wheel training. These logs record the time that you have spent completing your training.

Important note: You ought to have at least completed 34 hours of well documented practical training on the driver’s seat. Out of these, 10 hours of training must have been completed during the night.

Finish the Impact Texas Teen Driving Course (ITTD)

Now all Texans aged between 16 and 24 should also have to finish a new ITTD course. Link to the course is provided at the bottom of this page.

Come for a final Exam at the Department of Public Safety

The learner’s permit must be in your possession for at least six months and you ought to be 16 years of age before you apply for a Texas driver’s license. When you are absolutely ready and fulfill the requirements, come to the DPS and do not forget to bring the following documents:

  • The learner’s driving license
  • The completion certificate
  • DL-19B and DL-19A- the time data logs of behind-the-wheel and classroom training
  • DL-90A – The affidavit of parental driver education
  • VOE form (Verification of Enrollment and Attendance)
  • Domicile or Residency Proof of Texas
  • The vehicle’s registration and insurance details
  • Provisional fees for the license

You will be provided with your provisional driver’s license for Texas after you have successfully cleared the driving skills exam.

What Would Your Teenager Have Learned?

At the completion of the course, your teen would have learned:

The Traffic Laws (Traffic Laws 101 and 102): Detailed knowledge of traffic signals, signs, warning symbols, roadside driving rules and driving laws. An in-depth study of the penalties and the consequences of breaking the various laws of traffic.

Behind the Wheel Performance: All the necessary procedures that must be observed whenever starting the engine and steering the wheel. All the important information related to the various fundamental driving maneuvers.

Risk and Space Management: All the dangers of blind spots, hazards on the road and risks involved and all the probable dangers that a new driver can get engaged in.

The Mechanics Of Driving: New drivers are unaware of the inertia and the force that is behind a powerful 2000lb metallic hunk that your are driving at the speed of 60 mph. This particular chapter shares valuable tips on how to remain safe while driving.

Adapting to Diverse Driving Environments: how to make safe transitions from residential zone to a school district and city street to freeways.

Adverse Situations: Drive safely around even in harsh environmental conditions.

Risks of Distracted Driving: Know all the risks involved with distracted driving and safety tips and alternate methods for the minimization of risks.

Drugs/Alcohol and Driving: Be familiar with impaired driving. Learn how DUI impact your ability to drive.

Management of Vehicles: Know how to manage and maintain their cars, the safe usage and the necessary precautions to take to keep the cars running for years.

Your teenager will learn to be a safe driver. The easy to read text is coupled with graphical animations which will keep your teen engaged throughout.