Texas 6 Hour Driving Course

Mandatory for 18 to 24 Olds. Convenient for 25+

  • Texas Department of Licensing Approved Course
  • Our course can be taken from iPhone and Android
Adult Drivers Education Course in Texas

For those who are aged between 18 and 24 and haven’t ever had any driver’s license, they must take this course for adult drivers ed in order to operate any vehicle in Texas. The courses are further beneficial for drivers who have recently moved to the state, over 25 years of age or born outside the country. Simply put, taking the online drivers ed in Texas is a cost effective and quick manner for making one a better driver while making sure they meet the requirements of the written test from the Texas DPS (Department of Public Safety). It hasn’t ever been this easy to get one’s adult drivers education completion certificate online in Texas.

Multimedia Course Is Fun

We have an online education course for adult drivers in Texas which is different as compared to other courses you will find. Whereas classroom training is basically workbooks and lectures, taking the multimedia course we have is as easy as watching television. The lessons we have are all accompanied by narrators who explain the materials of the course, providing you with videos and animations which are guaranteed to assist you with real world application’s knowledge retention.

We’re Here to Help All the Time

Do you have any inquiries regarding the Online Texas Adult Driver’s Ed we have? Wondering what you require doing to get your own license? You can get in touch with us whenever you wish – we are here to help all the time. We have a dedicated staff of customer support representatives who are extremely professional. They are all available by email or phone on a 24/7 basis.

How Does the Online Drivers Ed Work?
    1. Sign Up Online for the Adult Drivers Ed

      We have the online course for adult drivers ed in Texas which is approved by the Texas TDLR. This course is 6 hours in length and consists of interactive lessons which assist you in understanding and remembering the details you require for being a safe driver. So sign up and begin the course immediately!

      1. Meet the requirement for drivers ed with the Texas TDLR Approval
      2. Get to learn from case studies, 3D animations, and videos
      3. Study essential methodologies for completely safe driving
      4. Get it all done online – there aren’t any visits to the DPS or notary required!
    2. Online Studying at Your Own Pace

      Being as convenient as possible, the course is completely online. Whether you are logging in from your laptop or desktop, your progress in this course is saved automatically. You also have unlimited access to this course and as such, you get to review the information whenever you need.

      1. Customer service is available 24/7 for absolutely free through live chat.
      2. You can continue this course at any point, right from where you left it.
      3. Get a completion certificate which is recognized by the DPS; E-mailed to you for free!
    3. Waive the DPS Permit Test

      It is required by the DPS to pass a specific written test for permit. However, with the online course we have, one can waive this step. The final test conducted online which is included in the Texas adult course will count as the test. Once you get to pass the course as well as the final, you will be all set to apply for your own permit. You don’t need to visit the DPS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) has approved this 6 hour driving course?

This course has been approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for everyone who is between the age of 18-24 and living in Texas can take the course. Adults over the age of 25 will find the course to be highly beneficial, since they don't have to visit the DPS in order to take the written DPS test, since they can give it online.

How will I get the driving license?

Once you have passed the course, you will need to make an appointment at the DPS for your road test. When you visit the Texas DPS, you need to take your Certificate of Completion and give the hearing and vision exam along with the road test and you will get your license.

Does this course have a time limit for completion?

Yes, all applicants need to finish this course in 6 months or 180 days of making the payment. The course also meets the standard 6 hour minimum which is set by the state.

How long does it take to acquire the certificate? What is the complete process of getting the Certification?

Starting January 2017, the Texas DPS started accepting regular Printouts in addition to mailed out certificates. We are one of the first providers to be accepted for this program. This is good news for you, since you no longer need to wait 3 to 5 business days or pay exorbitant amount like some providers charge to get your certificate delivered. You will get your certificate in e-mail free of charge as soon as you complete the course. Just make a printout and bring it to the DPS.

Is there any difference between a classroom course and an online Adult Driver’s Ed course?

Yes, the curriculum is exactly the same, but taking an online course allows you to enjoy much more convenience. You will also have the option to study from any computer, and can choose when you want to take the course, instead of sitting in a classroom.

Is it necessary to give the written test required at the DPS?

Absolutely not! The best part about this online course is that it will automatically clear you for the written test at the DPS, and therefore you will not need to complete it online. The only you will have to do is to present the certificate which we will provide you with once you have completed the course in order to get your license.

Will the Texas Adult six hours Driver Education Course available online?

Indeed, the entire driver’s education course is available online, and it allows you to complete the basics before you go and apply for a driving license in Texas.

Will I have to take the entire 6 hours at the same time?

The online system that we use ensures that you can complete the course in 180 days. This means that if you begin today, then you can take the 6 hours at your own pace and complete the course whenever you want.