The Parent Taught Driver Education Course

for Texas Teen Drivers of Ages 14 – 17

  • Texas Department of Public Safety Approved
  • Get Free 50 DMV Practice Test Questions
  • Receive Certificate of Completion by Mail
  • Same Day Processing and Free Shipping
  • 24/7 Customer Support to Help You Anytime

DPS Approved Course

This online course is state approved by the Department of Public Safety, so it meets every requirement that you need to get your permit and start driving.

Ask Questions Anytime

Our customer support representatives work 24/7 to help you. You can reach us by phone or email right from your computer at home to
get your doubts clarified.

Free Certificate Delivery

We process your completion certificate after you finish the first 6 hours of this parent taught drivers ed course, so you can get your instruction permit right away.

Drivers Education Course for Teens

Our Drivers Education Course has been specifically developed for teens between the ages of 14 and 17. By providing individualized attention to our students, we help them learn in a different way. We make sure we give them the kind of training that aligns well with their learning style. This way, our online learning drivers’ program gives maximum advantage to our students as well as their parents. Whether students learn by listening or reading, our online course helps them learn how to drive safely on roads.

Professionally Approved Course by Texas DPS

This online course holds strong recognition as it has been approved all of Texas by the Department of Public Safety. This approval indicates that it fulfills all essential requirements that you need for taking the permit exam. This course requires you to learn driving taught by your parent. It is for this reason that your parent and you can do your best in this course. Obviously, you would know about your schedule more than an instructor would. Therefore, we allow you to learn it yourself. All you have to do is work on this course according to your schedule.

Take Advantage of Our 24/7 Customer Support

An exceptional advantage of our Drivers Education Course is that you can take help from our customer service representatives anytime you want. Since we provide you our 24/7 customer support, we can assure you that we will never leave you alone while getting your permit and driver’s license. Moreover, we provide flexibility to students. We have designed this class keeping in mind students and their parents. Just call us anytime and we will help you through the whole process.


Free DMV Practice Test Questions

You will qualify for a permit only if you have cleared the permit test. This test is comprised of 30 questions. In order to make sure you get your permit, we will help you prepare for the test. We provide our students a practice test that contains 50 questions. The last exam of this driver education course is comprised of multichoice questions that show up in the parent taught drivers ed course material, so you get all the preparation you need from the chapter quizzes. Plus, you can take them multiple times because we want you to gain full confidence.

Uniquely Designed While Keeping You More Attentive

Taking our online driving education course should be essential to improve your driving skills. Therefore, we believe that it is our core responsibility to help you enjoy this online course. When it comes to staying alert and attentive while getting our training, we help you do the same by creating the content of the course in a unique manner that suit every type of student. To do so, we have combined text, animation, and graphics. After all, we will succeed in teaching you when you find the content appealing enough.

Study the Course Anytime and Anywhere

Our course is entirely online. Therefore, we offer you maximum comfort and convenience while you learn. Now, there is no need to be bound to your home because you have to study the course. Since it is online, you can have access to it anytime and anywhere. You can stop taking training classes anytime and continue you learning process again whenever you want. Its online presence has enabled us to offer you a driver’s course without any kind of barrier.

Get Your Texas Drivers License, the Easy Way!

You can get a driver’s license once you have passed the driving test and other necessary requirements. In addition, the new law in Texas shows that it is an essential requirement for all students regardless of their age. However, you do not need to worry about this because we have all the skills and expertise to prepare you for the diving test.

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